Honour All Learning



Conrad Hughes investigates the question of alternative transcripts and how schools can design systems to allow for a more inclusive learning environment. The podcasts are made up of interviews with students, principals and thought leaders from around the world. 

Episode 16

A new podcast episode with James Kazi, Under Master and Safeguarding Lead at Westminster School, London. James Kazi is Under Master and Safeguarding Lead at Westminster School, London. A graduate of Cambridge, James, who is a literature teacher, previously held positions at Haileybury and Charterhouse.

Episode 15

A new podcast episode with Nick Tate, ex Ecolint Director General. Nick Tate was chief executive of the School Curriculum and Assessment Authority and chief executive of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority as well as chief curriculum and qualifications adviser to the Secretary of State for Education. He was headmaster of Winchester College, one of England's leading independent boarding schools and Director-General of the International School of Geneva from 2003 to 2011. He was appointed CBE in 2001 for services to education and training.

Episode 14

A new podcast episode with Anupma Raj, Microsoft Senior Manager & AI Lead. Anupma leads Microsoft's Azure Data & AI business in Germany with a focus on Financial and Retail industries. Previously she worked with Google and SAP in technical leadership and engineering roles. She passionately advocates for fostering diversity and inclusivity in the tech industry.

Episode 13

A new podcast episode with Lee Howell, Executive Director of The Villars Institute, where he is empowering young people to address global challenges and enact change in their local communities. Prior to his role at The Villars Institute, Lee spent more than a decade producing the World Economic Forum’s influential Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and was a Member of the Managing Board.

Episode 12

A new podcast episode, with with Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General of the International Baccalaureate.

Episode 11

A new podcast episode, with Jane Larsson, Executive Director of the Council of International Schools. 

Episode 10

A conversation with Teresa Tung, Secondary Principal at Hong Kong Academy.

Episode 9

Amelia Melo is an IB student at the International School of Geneva. She is in her final year, year 13. She describes her vision of International Education and the benefits of the Learner Passport for students who want to go to university. 

Episode 8

A California native, for 36 years, Jon Burdick has led enrollment activities at the University of Southern California (USC), the University of Rochester, and now Cornell. Burdick was honored by admissions colleagues in 2016 as a national leader in broadening higher education diversity, inclusion, and access. 

Episode 7

A conversation with Dr Kevin House, Education Futures Architect at Education in Motion.

Episode 6

Ruchira Ghosh is the Principal of Sancta Maria International school, Hyderabad. Previously, she was regional director, South Asia, for Cambridge International Assessment. 

Episode 5

Founded in 1855 in order to provide an education for the orphans and poor children of warehousemen and clerks of Manchester, from its mid-nineteenth century foundation to the present day, Cheadle Hume School has maintained a tradition of co-education, educational innovation and a strong emphasis on community. 

Episode 4

Join me for a discussion with the inspirational Dale Taylor, Head of the Mahindra United World College of India. Find out about the work that is being done in her school to look far beyond narrow assessments metrics. 

Episode 3

Tom Duckling is Deputy School Director at Aiglon. Hear about the work he is doing to extend student learning into mind, body and spirit.

Episode 2

Join a conversation with Al MConville, Co-Founder of Rethinking Assessment and Deputy Head of King Alfred School, UK. Al is a prolific TES journalist, was previously Director of Learning and Innovation at Bedales and comes with a succinct and balanced view of educational reform. 

Episode 1

In episode 1, I outline some of the issues facing students at the end of high school. Join a discussion with 17 year old students Meghna and Laeticia. This points to the reasons why a coalition to reform high school is needed.